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Headspace Buffet for Angliss International Students

On Thursday the 13th of June Lux Events from the Diploma of Event Management course organized a buffet event for William Angliss’ International Students. We worked with our client, Rosanna Verde from student services, in conjunction with the event’s sponsor Headspace.

This was part of the subject functions and as part of this subject we were placed into groups. The students involved were Marina Vujic, Laura Dykstra, Sophie Krecmanis, Saman Ye and Courtney Park and their teacher Silvana Madia.

The event’s purpose was to promote healthy mental wellbeing, specifically for international students, who often face additional challenges due to the sudden changes in culture and environment they experience when moving to Melbourne to study.  Providing a fun opportunity to make new friends and experience a variety of cuisines, approximately 68 students attended plus 10 staff, where they were able to gain a better insight to the services available to students here at William Angliss.

The food service was buffet with a selection of foods from a variety of different countries, with stations set-up in different corners of the room, allowing for faster access to the buffet.  Beverages were a soft drink package, a tab for the teacher’s table, and the option of a cash bar for any students who wished to purchase additional drinks.

The styling concept was diversity, with each of the 8 tables and the dessert buffet table representing some of the different counties from which William Angliss students are from including Greek, Italian, French, Colombian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Overall, it was an extremely successful function where we worked together well as a team.  Thank you to the all the staff who volunteered to work at our event and helped make it such a success.  We at Lux Events are very proud to be a part of an event for such a special cause.
Headspace is an amazing mental health program. If you need to talk to someone head to their website at or give them a call at Lifeline 13 11 14.

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