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Singapore Trip Day 2 – Parkroyal on Beach Road Venue Inspection

The group and I, with our guide Rekah from Parkroyal on Beach Road on our first site visit of the trip. She took us around the venue showing us the different spaces such as The Grand Ballroom, Sky Ballroom, conference rooms and the kitchen area whilst giving us an insight on how meetings, conferences and private functions are planned at the venue.

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Singapore Trip: Day 2- Visitor Centre

IMG_5083IMG_5080On day 2 of our Singapore Trip , we went to the visitors centre to help us understand abit more about Singapore and all it has to offer. Rosie a worker at the Vistors centre gave us a talk on the historical and values that are shown within the people and the buildings. We were given a sneak peak into the Food festival participants that we would see later in the day . This was shown through an exhibit displaying their cultural foods and talents. Displays of various significant buildings in Singapore were shown around the info centre as they were made out of recycled materials Like cardboard. Rosie along with her staff were welcoming and provided us with helpful information that can be useful in our trip


Singapore Trip Day 1 – arrival at our singapore hotel!

As we arrived out of Changi airport, we were met by Adeline from William Angliss, who came and greeted us (even though it was her day off) and showed us onto our bus. The drive from the airport to Park Royal was roughly twenty minutes while we all looked at our surroundings as most of us had ever been to Singapore before!
Upon arrival we were greeted by the very professional hotel staff and quickly checked in. Our rooms are very comfortable, incredibly clean and super cold!


Welcome Dinner – Ciao Restaurant

Ciao, Hello and Welcome to Singapore!

On the first night of the trip after a long flight the group and I went to a little Italian restaurant called Ciao. The restaurant was located right across the street from our hotel on Haji Lane. Haji Lane is the narrowest road in Singapore which makes it very difficult to drive down, so at night the road is filled with people eating and enjoying the atmosphere. The building facades were covered with beautiful street artwork which gave the little road a sense of life and colour.

The smell of the restaurant as we walked in made all our mouths water, and the delicious Italian range on the menu made our tummy growl! We started with some eccentric cocktails, followed by a delicious range of appetiser, before devouring our main meals which left us all wondering if maybe we had to much to eat?

We finished the night by taking a small walk to help our food digest before bed. The lively atmosphere and the beautiful city lights gave us all a taste of what is to come in the next few days in this amazing city!

Lord Somers Camp and Power House Buffet Lunch

Buffet Lunch held on the 7th May 2017.

This lunch was held to raise money to help fund youth camps that are involved in the program offered by the Lord Somers Camp and Power House organisation. At the camps they develop interpersonal skills helping them to grow as individuals.
It was also held to welcome a new member to the committee in a social and warming manner.

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The lunch was highly successful and rewarding experience for our team, Zest events.

Our beverage coordinator, Ollie enjoyed his experience behind the bar and found the hospitality team worked efficiently and were a great asset to the group dynamic.


Emma our stylist, created a rustic vibe to the restaurant with the inclusion of fresh flowers and gentle music in the background. The dimmed lighting complimented the aesthetic and our clients were extremely impressed with Emma’s efforts.

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Our superstar front of house, Isabella performed exceptionally on the day leading our team to success. She was confident in her actions and provided clear and direct instructions guiding the hospitality class.


The event ran smoothly and was an incredible opportunity for our team to grow as event managers.


Jacqui Chard, Isabella Jack, Ollie Nolan, Emma Vandenham.


Great Chefs Lunch 12/05/17

Great Chefs Entree Great Chefs Setup  Great Chefs Table REM Management TeamOn Friday 12th May, Diploma of Event Management students Jessica, Alyssa, Madeleine and James hosted the Great Chefs lunch with Guest Chef Archan Chan from the restaurant Ricky and Pinky. The event was a great success with a menu being chosen by Archan Chan and cooked with the help of students studying Certificate 4 in Cookery. All the guests enjoyed the event and we received positive feedback from guests that attended. It was a great experience for the students to increase their skills and knowledge in the events industry.

Autumn Themed Buffet Lunch 1/06/17

On Thursday The 1st of June our function group Lush Events had the opportunity to host an Autumn Themed Buffet Lunch at Angliss Restaurant. Our function was hosted for the people of Melbourne to enjoy the fine dining experience that Angliss Restaurant offers.

The team at Lush events consists of Lauren as our Administrator, Paulina our Front of House, Jess our Beverage coordinator and Hayley our stylist. We each had a role and requirements to fulfil that role prior to the Lunch.

Our Buffet consisted of great quality food that the guests loved and enjoyed. We had over 50 guests attend.

Jess our Beverage Coordinator’s, Mock-tail strawberry paradise and Cocktail ‘Autumn Breeze’ was the highlight of the bar during the buffet lunch. The Strawberry Paradise mock tail was a hit and sold several times throughout the day. The refreshing and tasteful drinks went perfectly alongside the delicious food served throughout the buffet.

Paulina Our front house was in charge of running the ops class and ensuring that everything throughout the day ran smoothly. Paulina was cool, clam and collected and ensured that everyone had a great time through her service. She made sure everything was on time and in according with the running sheet.

Hayley our stylist developed her theme through our brief and incorporated the different elements of autumn through research and visual displays. Hayley’s design was simple yet elegant through her white vase that had a soft orange bow tied around the top. The vase held flowers representing the various colours of autumn and planks of wood scattered round the room with autumn leaves. The overall design was simple but left an impact through its bright colours.
As a team we are proud of the outcome of the buffet lunch and we all had really great time and enjoyed our event even more as our class 1B helped make our lunch such a success with their professional and polite attitudes throughout service, we are extremely proud of our achievements and the overall success of the Lunch.