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XLI Club Luncheon

On the 7th of June 2018, William Angliss Diploma of event management students: Jacquilyn, Chelsea, Georgia and Chiara managed their first function as Adorn Creatives at the Angliss Restaurant as part of the functions subject. The function was a monthly luncheon held for the XLI Club which consists of ex and current policemen and some businessmen. The members met monthly to discuss current issues and topics of interests as well as invite speakers and give away raffle prizes.

The afternoon started at 12 noon with the guest enjoying beer, wines and soft drink served by the wonderful events students from 1A Diploma of event management. From 12:30pm, they began their lunch, enjoying a three-course meal that consisted of entree, main and desert.

The client, Mr. Ray Thompson greatly appreciate the team’s efforts in styling and organising their June function which was themed AFL/VFL. The event ran smoothly and it was a good experience for the clients, the function team, as well as the front of house staff.



(XLI Club consists of 2/3 ex and current policemen and 1/3 businessmen.)


(The team received a lot of compliments about the AFL theming design.)


(Mr. Ray Thompson, president of the XLI Club with the events team and the front of house team.)



Money Matters Expo 2018

The Advanced Diploma of Event Management students had the pleasure of organising the Money Matters Expo 2018 with the help of Student Services.

The service that the Money Mattes Expo provided was fun and engaging stalls with interactive activities for students which focused on saving money, whether it was to do with lifestyle, nutrition, financial, social or travel. The expo provided information on the various services, products, insights and information that are available to them whether at the institute or beyond. Continue reading

Japanese Themed Dinner

On 16th of May 2018, the Amour Events team from the Diploma of Event Management was given an opportunity to organize a Japanese themed dinner at the Angliss Restaurant.

The dinner started with a miso shot for appetizer prepared by the chef and cookery students. A total of 53 guests fully enjoyed the 3-course Japanese dinner with a sushi and sashimi platter and teriyaki chicken for entrée, beef fillet on okonomiyaki for main, and Japanese castella sponge with matcha ice cream and yuzu curd for dessert.

Clockwise from top left side picture: beef fillet on okonomiyaki, sushi and sashimi platter, Japanese castella sponge with matcha ice cream and yuzu curd and miso shot
Clockwise from top left side picture: beef fillet on okonomiyaki, sushi and sashimi platter, Japanese castella sponge with matcha ice cream and yuzu curd and miso shot

We worked with 12 hospitality students led by teacher Alicia Kupisz. The students worked very cooperatively in setting up tables and running the floor and drinks service. We truly appreciate their contributions to the function.

The special cocktail “Clear Stream” with Japanese sake and the mocktail “Watermelon Waterfall” were perfect for the dishes served on the night and received a number of orders.

Left: Watermelon Waterfall Right: Clear Stream
Left: Watermelon Waterfall, Right: Clear Stream

The event management team; Jennifer, Sarah, Samantha, Caitlin and Akiko created the atmosphere with festive music tracks featuring traditional Japanese tunes and instruments. The centrepieces decorated with colourful patterns of origami cranes and puff balls especially took the guests’ attention and they willingly took some of them back home as souvenirs.

The Event Styling was a Japanese ‘Matsuri’ theme. This means festival in Japanese. The origami cranes and puff balls, parasol table numbers and patterned menus were used to achieve this look without being in the way of the guests while they dined.
The Event Styling was a Japanese ‘Matsuri’ theme. This means festival in Japanese. The origami cranes and puff balls, parasol table numbers and patterned menus were used to achieve this look without being in the way of the guests while they dined.

Overall, thanks to the great support from our client and teachers, it was a great learning experience for not only organizing a function, but also learning about time management skill, flexibility, and teamwork.

L-R: Samantha Redman (Beverage Co-ordinator), Jennifer Radu (Event Administrator), Sarah Bast (Front of House Co-ordinator), Caitlin Williams (Event Stylist), Akiko Hayashi (Protocol Co-ordinator) and Silvana Madia (Teacher)
L-R: Samantha Redman (Beverage Co-ordinator), Jennifer Radu (Event Administrator), Sarah Bast (Front of House Co-ordinator), Caitlin Williams (Event Stylist), Akiko Hayashi (Protocol Co-ordinator) and Silvana Madia (Teacher)


U3A Winter Lunch

The Diploma of event management students were placed into groups as part of the functions subject. Our team was called Bella Events. We were allocated the U3A Lunch hosted on Wednesday the 13th June 2018 in The Angliss Restaurant.

Our client U3A is an interU3A - lunchnational movement whose aims are to educate mainly retired members of the community—those in their third ‘age’ of life. The theme for the lunch was a ‘touch of tartan’ inspired by Scotland, with Scottish dancers and music featuring throughout the luncheon.

The Angliss restaurant was styled in tartan, perfectly matching the theme. The centrepieces had a tartan ring, topped with a mirror, a fish bowl and baby breath flowers. Tartan was also featured as soon as guests arrived on the registration desk. It was set up to be an elegant affair.

The Afternoon began with our client Anne giving an opening speech with an insight into the history of Scotland whilst Scottish music played, inviting guests to be seated to officially commence the luncheon. Guests were dressed in tartan, instilling a sense of enthusiasm amongst everyone in attendance, already creating a vibrant atmosphere.

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 1.37.41 pmAll 116 guests had a 3 course lunch at the Angliss restaurant. In between courses there was entertainment sections, one being a group of Scottish dancers. They were very energetic prompting the entire crowd to join in, with the entire restaurant breaking out into a loud applause. Then there was the mystery prize which left guests in awe, scurrying to

find out what the prize was. The entire room had an
electric atmosphere, as Anne read out the winners of the raffle and people cheered for an encore. To end the afternoon the Scottish dancers performed one last time as the crowd cheered them off.

dancers - U3A lunch

Although there were challenging moments throughout the event such as having 19 dietary requirements and some meals being a bit behind schedule, it was overall a very
successful day. The client was extremely pleased, thanking all of the team (Ana, Bree, Lexie, Lyn and Estelle) for all their efforts to keep the event running smoothly.



Placement Program Lunch

The William Angliss Placement Program Lunch was held on Tuesday 12 June 2018 12pm – 3pm at the Angliss Restaurant.

The Placement Program is a valuable experience for a select number of events and tourism students to work 1-2 days a week in successful companies within these industries.

The lunch is held at the conclusion of the program as an opportunity for all students and placement partners to get together and share an insight into their unique experiences.

This was the first year the Placement Program Lunch was held in the Angliss Restaurant and was run by a team of Diploma of Event Management students, Mr. Fox Events.

As part of our function subject we were placed in groups. The name of the group was Mr. Fox Events. We worked closely alongside our client Corinne Maxfield to create this event.

The theme this year was elegant and classy. Our Stylist created centrepieces, table settings and menus that portrayed this theme in a neutral colour palette perfectly, as shown in the photos below.

The Beverage Coordinator was in charge of creating a customised mocktail to suit the demographic and theme of the function. The mocktail chosen was a Ginger Peach Soda, as shown in the photos below.

The Front of House Coordinator and Administrator were in charge of managing the hospitality team to ensure service was performed at the highest possible standard.

At the pre-lunch reception set up in the restaurant foyer we had a professional photographer from the Marketing department there to take photos of our students and their partners to be posted on the William Angliss website to share with all guests.

We had almost 50 guests in attendance, we began the day with a welcoming speech by the Placement Program Coordinator, Julie Rayner, followed by a delicious main course served by the hospitality students.

Shortly after the main course we arranged for a wonderful choir performance of “Ngarra Burra Ferra” sung by the aviation students.

Following this we had each of our events and tourism students make a short speech allowing them the opportunity to speak, share their experiences and thank their placement partners and the companies they worked at for the valuable lessons learnt during their placement.

Once the speeches ended the dessert course was served and shortly after the function concluded.

Overall, the whole event, overseen by Mr. Fox Events, ran smoothly and on time from start to finish. All guests seem to enjoy the food, atmosphere and the function in general.

We received lots of positive feedback from our guests and our client was very impressed by our performance throughout.

Managing this function was a great learning experience for us moving forward in the Event Management course and also to develop new skills and knowledge to become successful in the events industry.


Lord Somers Camp and Power House Lunch

The Lord Somers Camp and Power House Quarterly Connections Lunch was held on June 6th, 2018 in the William Angliss Restaurant. A team of students studying the Diploma of Event Management organized and ran the event. The team, Rel-Events, worked with Angelina, the Reservations Manager of the restaurant on behalf of the organization to plan the event and also worked in collaboration with the Diploma of Hospitality Management students who did an exceptional job serving and waiting on the guests. The Cookery Students worked in the kitchen to provide a beautiful 2-course meal. Continue reading

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Career Practitioner’s Day

The 2018 Career Practitioner’s Day was held on Friday the 11th of May at William Angliss Institute. It was run by a team of Event Management Diploma Students, Elite Events. Elite Events partnered up with the Marketing and Schools Liaison Officer, Anna- Liza Shepherd to organise the event.

Continue reading

Meetings Events Australia Victorian Industry Awards at Leonda by the Yarra

photo 1 Shelby and Liv RACV Club photo 2 Loridana and Emma PJSE photo 3 Marine and Gabrielle Leonda by the Yarra

Many successful graduates from Advanced Diploma + Diploma of Event Management attended the event including RACV Club winners Shelby Arestia + Olivia Hannan,  Loridana Montalto + Emma Heddin from Peter Jones Special Events, Marine Goubaux +  Gabrialle Stancescu from Leonda by the Yarra, and Monica Juric from Epicure.

Events teacher and Placement Coordinator Julie Rayner, and Program Leader Events Corinne Maxfield enjoyed catching up with graduates re their progress in the events industry.






Stage 1  Event Industry students had a visit to the Formula One Grand Prix and had access to the Driver Learning Education Program.  This was a precinct within the Grand Prix where students could learn about new technologies and advancements in the area of Formula One. It was very hands on and interactive. We also had a PR Consultant talk to us about what is involved with staging an event of this nature and the importance of risk management in events.


William Angliss Institute Foundation Golf Day 2017

The 2017 William Angliss Foundation Golf Day was held on the 22nd of November at the Medway Golf Club in Maidston. The event management team, Birdie Events, worked closely with Stuart Walsh and Anne Kavenagh  to plan the day.

The 3 key objectives were to strengthen the relationships with key suppliers, to create a William Angliss Institute branded and promoted event, and for guests to network and share business experiences.

The WAI Golf day began early with a tasty breakfast BBQ provided by William Angliss chefs. The coffee cart provided by the WAI Coffee Academy, was a big hit, & kick-started  the players. Throughout the day the WAI food and beverage station  served coffee, cold refreshments and snacks.. We also had a gelato station which had an amazing choice of flavours and a highlight in the  35 degree heat.

Overall it was a successful day, with lots of food, interaction, relationship building and most importantly, fundraising for the William Angliss Institute Foundation.