Singapore Trip Day 3 –  Singapore Marriot Venue Inspection

Our visit to the Marriot Singapore Tang Plaza Hotel, to compete a Venue Inspection and learn about the goings on, of a hughly regarded Singapore Hotel.

After a delicious breakfast buffet at our ParkRoyal Hotel, the Stage 1 Events Crew boarded our bus to inspect Marriot Singapore Tang Plaza. We walked in the back entrance of the building and were greeted by two smiling faces, Edwin and Joyce. Two staff members who were taking us on our tour.
We started off in the lobby, where Edwin introduced both himself and Joyce and briefly filled us in on some of the hotel’s history. After which we headed up to the 2nd Floor where we found the hotel’s first small venue space ‘The Gallery’ where they host mainly cocktail events.


Then we walked around the corner and found the Function Rooms. An assortment of rooms for mostly corporate events. We then followed the escalator up another level to the 3rd floor, where the Grand Ballroom is, unfortunately we couldn’t go in and see because an event was running at the time.
Fortunately Edwin showed us a sample hotel room! Where we got to see what staying in the Marriot Singapore Tang Hotel was like. And we were pretty envious in the end.