Our functions team Exclusively Unique Events hosted the guest speaker series for our  guest speaker Sandra Grima. The series was conducted over Zoom on the 20th of October 2020. The team at Exclusively Unique Events from the stage 1 Diploma of Event Management consists of Tyler Burton (Admin), Maddie Davies (Front of House), Julia Coates (Beverage), Mary Saad (Stylist) and Kana Sakurai (Protocols).

Our guest speaker Sandra started her career in the tourism industry managing corporate and retail events having many dealings with large corporate clients within a travel agency. Sandra has moved industries multiple times over the past 15 years and has now brought her skills to the education sector, where she shares her life skills and teaches students leadership skills. Being an event management teacher her role is to provide a “hands-on” experience which directly and indirectly supports learning through the delivery of educational programs.

Her presentation was about world leaders and how they have inspired others to be leaders. Sandra discussed the qualities of a leader and the 5 keys to being an effective leader; face challenges, winning trust, be authentic, earn respect and stay curious. Sandra provided the students with a very engaging presentation and all attendees enjoyed the advice and leadership knowledge that she shared. 

Overall, our team worked really well together to plan a successful virtual event that provided all students with leadership knowledge. The students really enjoyed our beverage and food options that were provided for the morning tea which included savory and sweet options for food. This also included beverage options as coffee, juice, water and a ranges of tea.