Functions Guest Speaker Series – Tony Francis

We are currently in stage one for our diploma of event management course. As part of an assessment for a functions class, we were placed into groups where we each had our job roles and together, we formed the team, Moments in Time (MIT) EVENTS.

MIT EVENTS had the privilege of hosting the Guest speaker series, with our allocated guest speaker, Tony Francis. Tony managed sales teams across various industries. He worked in corporate training specialising in building high performing teams and then crossed into the events industry where he has since worked for the past 15 years managing multiple sales teams for large industry trade events. He is now sales manager with Prime Creative Media.


The guest speaker series was held via Zoom video conference on the Tuesday the 25th of May at 9:30 am.


The main focus is to share knowledge, motivate and inspire the students working towards getting into the events industry. This then formed apart of our assessment for functions. This assignment was beneficial to us as students as it taught us the ability to confidently organise a virtual event with an industry expert.


The team MIT EVENTS believe it was really interactive session. Tony showed the significance of two-way communication and how effective it is in comparison to one-way communication. The person who delegates tasks should provide the opportunity for participants to ask questions.






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