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OTU Annual Dinner

On the 18th October, Events ‘R’ Us (Diploma of Event management students) and OTU partnered up to put together a OTU Annual Dinner.

The Events ‘R’ Us team members consisted of Kelly Khambo (Administrator), Guerda Quinchero (Front Of House), Thanh Hoang ( Beverage Coordinator), Minami Ohira (Stylist Coordinator) and Andre Robles (Protocol Coordinator).

Overview of the event:
The Officer training unit (OTU) Association is a group of national service people who were selected for officer training at Scheyville between 1965 and 1973. They have been coming to William Angliss Institute to celebrate, to reconnect and network.

Date: October 18th 2019 (Friday)
Time: 6.30pm – 9.30pm
Location: William Angliss Restaurant
Number of pax: 70-80
Demographics of guest: 60 plus with their partners
Layout: Banquet
Service: Brigade

Our client went with roaming canapes during their pre-dinner drink service. Canapes and drinks needed to come out together exactly on 18:30 and they did. This was great team work by all Hospitality and Kitchen staff.   A selection of drinks were ready on tray which hospitality staff walked around offering as guests arrived. We had plenty of staff which made this part of the service successful.

Overall, the veterans were very satisfied with the dinner Events ‘R’ put on for them.Guests wrote that they were very happy with the service not only what Events ‘R’ Us has offered, but also the students of Alf Nicdao’s hospitality team.