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Beer and Beef Annual Lunch

On the 13th of November, Revent and The Beer and Beef Club of Melbourne partnered together to put on the Beer and Beef Club Annual Lunch. Our Revent members consisted of Alec Damoulakis (admin), Ava Heng (front of house coordinator), Alexandria Mather (beverage coordinator) and Pam Sehgal (stylist). The purpose of the Beer and Beef Annual Lunch is to gather all the members of the club to celebrate the year, increase membership numbers, and to broaden their club demographics to the women of Melbourne. Throughout the planning process, Revent liaised with Ross McKenry, the beef master of the club, to ensure everything down to the last detail was perfect.

The lunch began with a mystery beer being served to guest in the foyer. It is a tradition of The Beer and Beef Club to serve a mystery beer to their members, and to give away prizes to those who guess the beer correctly. Guests were then shown to their seats, where an ice bucket of various beers and wine were placed on the table. For lunch, guests were served slow roasted beef sirloin with a potato puree, red onion fondue and red wine jus. The sirloin was provided by one of the clubs sponsors, The Butcher Club. After lunch, Ross, Bob Graham (the beer master) and other key members of The Beer and Beef Club gave speeches to reflect on the year and honour their members. Another sponsor of the club, 21C, also provided a gin tasting station for the guests. For dessert, the guests were served a three cheese platter with an assortment of crackers and fruits.

Overall, the members of The Beer and Beef Club were very satisfied with the lunch Revent put on for them, as seen with our average survey score of 8.95. Guests wrote that they were very happy with the service not only Revent offered, but also the students of Tim Haronga’s hospitality team. Guests also said that they felt the mystery beer service was a bit slow, which is great feedback that we can take on board for the future.