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‘Accent on Asia’- University of the Third Age’s Winter Luncheon


TJMCC Events embarked on the journey of planning the University of the Third Age’s Winter Luncheon which was held on the 05th of June in the Angliss Restaurant. U3A have been clients for William Angliss for many years so we knew that we had big shoes to fill! With a talented team made up of Millie Spencer (Admin), Taylah Rigo (FOH), Courtney Park (Beverages), Callin Roach (Stylist) and Juthamard Prannak, we were excited to start the planning process as real-life Event Managers!

We had the most wonderful time working as a team and with our clients Pat and Anne coming up with a creative theme- ‘Accent on Asia’ which was enhanced with styling, a special Asian inspired menu and some exciting entertainment. The event was for U3A members from all over Melbourne to celebrate their membership and achievements of ‘life long learning’ at U3A.

IMG_8056Admin- Millie Spencer: “Our client Anne Patterson was a delight to work with. From my first phone call encounter with Anne I knew that we were going to have a wonderful time working together. As the Administrator I worked hard to keep all of our Stakeholders and team in the loop to ensure everyone was on the same page and up to date throughout the process. I also aimed to keep our files updated and ensured that everyone had access to the important documents.

One of my priorities remained to keep the communication up throughout the group. I facilitated this by frequently updating our group Facebook group and also sending frequent emails to our stakeholders.

On event day I assisted everyone in the group to ensure the event ran smoothly. I looked after our clients and always stayed in eyeline of our client so she knew that I was there.

The past few months have been so rewarding and I have developed as a leader, an Event Manager and team player.”

Front of House- Taylah Rigo: “My role as front of house coordinator required me to work closely withIMG_7986the operations class and teacher. Especially on event day. I was responsible for the preparation and briefing of all event/operations staff on the day of function. I worked closely with the sequence of service which led me to Run the brigade service of food. 

I confirmed all dietaries, with chef, protocols and wait staff ready for seamless service. I made it a huge priority for myself to monitor guest experience regarding food and entertainment. Overall the event was great success and great experience for myself and our team.”

IMG_8037Stylist- Callin Roach: “Our client had a clear vision for this event, so we really wanted to go above and beyond for them. The brief was Accent on Asia- we instantly thought bright, colourful, asian inspired styling. We met with our client to propose three different styling themes, which were styled in our proposal to show the client. The chosen style was Hustling Hoi An Markets- the brightest and most colourful option. We impressed with our proposal, which meant we had to make sure we were well prepared on the day of the event.

Callin our stylist decorated the tables in the restaurant, a middle market table (with raffle items showcased), a registrations table, the common area where the guests arrive and a common wall.

Callin used a lantern with flowers as the centre piece for the tables, with paper balls and pom poms scattered around. A styled and printed table number and menu were also placed on each table.
The market table was styled with similar items, yet with wooden crates and stools to create height. The common area has a red theme styled registrations table, a matching red theme welcome sign, colourful lanterns and pom poms, as well as an Asian map poster on the wall.

IMG_8077The main restaurant area looked great- bright and colourful, just like we planned, with the common room complimenting the main area. The client was blown away, stating that the bar was now set high for their next event. The client was so thankful with all of the effort we put in. We not only had a professional photographer for our client taking photos, yet the marketing from William Angliss also. So it was a wonderful result overall.”

Protocols- Juthamard Prannak:Under theme ‘Accent on Asia’ that we provide 2 entertainment. One is Dances of Malaysia and another one is Japanese drums moreover during launch time we provide Asia gentle music. In addition, Welcome signs was designed by using difference language such as Japanese, Korea, Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese. Direction signs were designed under ‘Accent on Asia’ as well.”

Overall the event went really well. All members of the team conducted themselves in a professional and friendly manner making the client impressed with the service TJMCC Events provided. We would like to thank our Functions teacher Silvana Madia for all of her help and support in mentoring us and teaching us the skills to make the event possible!