On the 24th of November 2018, the Lancefield Neighbourhood House held their 4th Extinct Lancefield Megafauna Festival which aimed to promote and educate people on the rich history of Lancefield.  Stage 2 Event Diploma students, Sam , Renny, Emma, Caitie , Jacquilyn and Lyn , calling their team Mon Ami Events, were given the opportunity to co-organise the event along with  Organisers Deb Dunn and Vivien Potts.


The day was filled with lots of talks featuring amazing speakers all passionate about nature and megafauna,  plus plenty of activities for the children, as well as informative tours that travelled to Mt. William to show the land where Wurundjeri people used to settle.
An amazing 800 people attended the community event despite the elections and the gloomy weather. From all reports everyone had a great time, especially the kids who were given lots of fun activities to do.
The team would like to thank all the sponsors of the event, the clients who gave us this amazing opportunity, as well as our teacher, Jacinta Francis, for supporting and mentoring us every step of the way.