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Money Matters Expo 2018

The Advanced Diploma of Event Management students had the pleasure of organising the Money Matters Expo 2018 with the help of Student Services.

The service that the Money Mattes Expo provided was fun and engaging stalls with interactive activities for students which focused on saving money, whether it was to do with lifestyle, nutrition, financial, social or travel. The expo provided information on the various services, products, insights and information that are available to them whether at the institute or beyond. 

The key objectives were to allow students to become money smart, provide interactive and engaging stalls and provide students with understanding from all financial areas.

As a team we came up with eight interactive stalls. They included:

  • Living Out of Home
  • Protecting Money – Insurance
  • Student Discounts
  • Travelling
  • Tax
  • Reduce Money Stress
  • Mobile Phone Plans
  • Making Money

We enjoyed organising the marketing of the event, entertainment, styling, catering and sponsors.  We also had the pleasure of having ME Bank and Central Equity hold a stall at the Money Matters event.

Overall we had approximately 200 students attend the Money Matters event which was amazing to achieve as a team. We are extremely proud of each others effort and dedication to create a successful event at William Angliss.