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Daily Archives: June 22, 2022

Winter Wonderland – Staff lunch

On Monday the 6th of June Encore Events(Diploma of event management students) organized a winter luncheon on behalf of the staff activities committee. The purpose of this event was for the Angliss staff to socialize with each others and be able to network and meet new staff. It was held at the bistro at William Angliss from 12:00-1:30pm. In this time, they were served a range of pizza, pasta, salad and desserts.

Our Encore Events team was Lyla as Administrator, Emily as Front of House, Keelin as Beverage and Luke as stylist. We all worked really well as a team before and during the event. Overall, our clients Kerrie-Anne and Carmel Casely were very happy with the outcome and the feedback from the guests was great. Teacher Silvana Madia lead the functions students on the day.

The styling concept is Winter Wonderland, the theme entails a fantastic winter’s paradise. The heughs of pale blue, turquoise and white ensues a calm atmosphere frozen in time. To achieve this, we have used fake frosted flowers, a turquoise candle, smaller white candles, and transparent plastic stones to depict ice. All placed over a frosty blue table runner.

Great Chefs Lunch – hosted by students

On the 14th of June 2022, Limitless events (diploma of event management students) were lucky enough to host the Great Chefs lunch. This is a popular event that has been running for 25 years. With great chef Ian Curley as head chef, the event, hosted in the William Angliss Restaurant was a great success.

Following a classic French theme, the restaurant was dressed accordingly, with mini Eiffel towers and white flowers, which played a key element in the atmosphere of the event. Allowing guests to escape to France for a day of high quality food and great company.

Great chef Ian Curely, surprised guests with an entirely vegan menu, promoting the plant-based lifestyle and the future of food. All team members, both back and front of house worked collaboratively to create a professional and enjoyable environment for the guests.

Administrator (Grace), Front of house (Sophie), Stylist (Charlotte), Beverage, (Wafaa/Keelin) and Protocols (Victoria) were all responsible for the preparation and execution of this great chefs lunch and all largely contributed to the positive outcome of the event. Teacher Silvana Madia lead the functions students on the day.

Seafood Night – Angliss Restaurant

On Friday the 10th June, Starlight Events (diploma of event management students) hosted the seafood dinner with Peter Hilcke in the Angliss Restaurant. The team was responsible for organising the event, with Myah Snow (Admin), Shea Carpenter (Front of House), Jack Sadler (Beverage) and Sophie Macklan (Stylist). Teacher Silvana Madia lead the functions students on the day.

The events theme was soft blues and whites to tie in with the ocean as it was a seafood dinner night. This was done through light blue table runners, a variety of blue and white flowers, candles, jars of sand and seashells.

Overall Starlight Events and Peter Hilcke we’re very happy with the outcome of the night.