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Daily Archives: May 29, 2019

William Angliss Institute Foundation Golf Day 2018

On Par Events were proud to manage the William Angliss Institute Golf Day held on 21st November 2018. This fundraising event has been held at the Medway Golf Club in Maidstone for the past 2 years. The aim of the day was to raise as much money as possible for the Foundation, which provides education scholarships for students who may not otherwise have the chance to study.

After the previous few days of rain and storms, everyone was excited when the day dawned dry and sunny for our 6.30am start! William Angliss culinary students fired up the barbecue and coffee machine as participant registrations got underway. Great prizes generously donated by our sponsors ensured quick sales of raffle tickets, and a Guess the Number of Tees in the Jar game added a bit of competitive fun, with the eventual winner being only 1 away from the actual number.

Stuart Walsh, Associate Director VET raised a lot of money auctioning off a dinner with award winning Angliss student chefs, and all items entered for the Silent Auction were successfully bid on.

Thanks to Anne Kavenagh for all her hard work in the planning stages and to Rosanna Verde for her support on the day. On Par Events are proud to be associated with such a great cause and definitely found this to be a rewarding and educational experience.



Managing Contractors with Dave Deveny

Managing contractors can make you go cuckoo. Dave Deveny, CEO of Cuckoo Creative, knows that all too well. With twenty years of experience in events, he’s learned how to manage contractors while maintaining sanity. And after hearing his wisdom, so have we.


IMG_1710 (1)

In a two hour lecture that took no time at all, Dave took us through the ins, outs, and insanity of managing contractors. From how to source a quote to why he keeps a tube of lipstick, Dave’s lecture was a valuable insight into the world of events.


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