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Daily Archives: July 21, 2017


Singapore Trip Day 4: Gardens by the Bay

After we went to Marina Bay Sands observation deck and ate some lunch, we made our way over to Gardens by the Bay.

Gardens by the Bay gave us a beautiful insight to what Singapore nature has to offer. Surrounding us from all angles were bright high top solar panel trees starting from the bottom which was a bright green bushes,eventually making its way up to the head which was the solar panel

The gardens also offer anyone with the chance to go through a walk high in the trees exposing you to breath taking views.

Unfortunately Veronica and myself didn’t make it to the waterfall, however the rest of the team went and were very pleased to share with us how much fun they had. IMG_6618 IMG_6619


Singapore Trip Day 5 – Universal Studios

Had a super fun time at Universal Studios.

The Events students spent the last of their free time at Universal Studios here in Singapore. It was heaps of fun, with several rides and visiting all the world’s. Such as Far Far Away, Sci-Fi, Ancient Egypt, Hollywood, New York and Madagascar.


Singapore Trip Day 5 – Singapore Zoo

After the Breakfast with Orang’utans we got the chance to explore the zoo itself. We split off into two groups and started our little adventure, walking through the Tropics, Australasia, Wild Africa and more.

While one group navigated the asphalt to Wild Africa, the other found The Splash Safari, where we got to watch a Sea Lion perform, ‘Phillip’ was very shy at times but also extremely proud of himself when he performed his tricks. Those who saw the Splash Safari, sat in the Splash Zone, where our feet got absolutely drenched by Phillip.


Singapore Student Trip – Cable Car to Sentosa Island

We all boarded the bus and took a 25 minute trip to the top of mount faber (which was really just a hill!) to board our cable car to Sentosa Island. We had to split into 2 different cars and started our journey over to the island. The trip took roughly 20 minutes and the scenes of forest, city and sea all together were beautiful. IMG_2726