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The stage 1 Diploma of Event Management students organised the “Swan Hill Reunion Lunch” on Friday the 25th of November 2022. The event was held in the Angliss restaurant for 43 guests from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. After nearly three years of Covid-19 lockdown and gathering restrictions prohibiting previous gatherings, this occasion was a much-anticipated reunion function lunch.

The team included Tizzy (Chen-Yi, Wang) as Administrator, Dylan(Wen-Sheng, Chao) as Front of House Coordinator, Jade(Wei-Jie, Lai) as Beverage Coordinator, Maxine(Hsiu-Wen, Chen) as the Event Stylist, and Charlie (Yu-Ping, Chiu) as Protocols Coordinator. The teacher for this event was Silvana Madia, who gave us a lot of support.

Although we met some unexpected situations during the function. The students still put a lot of effort into making sure the event ran smoothly, and the customers had a lot to say about the style details on the day. Overall, the team did a great job of collaborating across all job areas to put on a successful event.

BOJYA Events Team

2022 RMIT Esteemed Alumni Luncheon, organised by Diploma of Event Management students

Our Diploma of Event Management students’ events team, BOJYA Events, organised RMIT Philanthropy group’s “2022 RMIT Esteemed Alumni Luncheon” on Wednesday 23rd of November 2022 in the Angliss Restaurant.

This event was a long-awaited alumni networking lunch after almost three years of Covid-19 lockdown and gathering restrictions preventing earlier functions. This event was a three-course meal with standard beverage package and pre-drinks. The event ran from 11:30 am – 2:30 pm, for an expected guest pax of 110.

BOJYA Events consist of Oi (Sarucha Suebsanguan) as the Admin, Jess (Jessica Beeton) as the Front of House Coordinator, Ben (Chun-Kuan Lee) as the Beverage Coordinator, Amy (Amy Goslin) as the Event Stylist, and Yoshi (Yoshino Ito) as the Protocols Coordinator. This whole event was coordinated and lead by Silvana Madia, who is the Functions teacher.

Additionally, the event would not have succeeded without people from different disciplines, courses and teams. To chef Marilena Richards’s students who made delicious food, and to Tim Haronga’s students who worked as the Front of House staff, we thank you and hope to work with you again.

Winter Wonderland – Staff lunch

On Monday the 6th of June Encore Events(Diploma of event management students) organized a winter luncheon on behalf of the staff activities committee. The purpose of this event was for the Angliss staff to socialize with each others and be able to network and meet new staff. It was held at the bistro at William Angliss from 12:00-1:30pm. In this time, they were served a range of pizza, pasta, salad and desserts.

Our Encore Events team was Lyla as Administrator, Emily as Front of House, Keelin as Beverage and Luke as stylist. We all worked really well as a team before and during the event. Overall, our clients Kerrie-Anne and Carmel Casely were very happy with the outcome and the feedback from the guests was great. Teacher Silvana Madia lead the functions students on the day.

The styling concept is Winter Wonderland, the theme entails a fantastic winter’s paradise. The heughs of pale blue, turquoise and white ensues a calm atmosphere frozen in time. To achieve this, we have used fake frosted flowers, a turquoise candle, smaller white candles, and transparent plastic stones to depict ice. All placed over a frosty blue table runner.

Great Chefs Lunch – hosted by students

On the 14th of June 2022, Limitless events (diploma of event management students) were lucky enough to host the Great Chefs lunch. This is a popular event that has been running for 25 years. With great chef Ian Curley as head chef, the event, hosted in the William Angliss Restaurant was a great success.

Following a classic French theme, the restaurant was dressed accordingly, with mini Eiffel towers and white flowers, which played a key element in the atmosphere of the event. Allowing guests to escape to France for a day of high quality food and great company.

Great chef Ian Curely, surprised guests with an entirely vegan menu, promoting the plant-based lifestyle and the future of food. All team members, both back and front of house worked collaboratively to create a professional and enjoyable environment for the guests.

Administrator (Grace), Front of house (Sophie), Stylist (Charlotte), Beverage, (Wafaa/Keelin) and Protocols (Victoria) were all responsible for the preparation and execution of this great chefs lunch and all largely contributed to the positive outcome of the event. Teacher Silvana Madia lead the functions students on the day.

Seafood Night – Angliss Restaurant

On Friday the 10th June, Starlight Events (diploma of event management students) hosted the seafood dinner with Peter Hilcke in the Angliss Restaurant. The team was responsible for organising the event, with Myah Snow (Admin), Shea Carpenter (Front of House), Jack Sadler (Beverage) and Sophie Macklan (Stylist). Teacher Silvana Madia lead the functions students on the day.

The events theme was soft blues and whites to tie in with the ocean as it was a seafood dinner night. This was done through light blue table runners, a variety of blue and white flowers, candles, jars of sand and seashells.

Overall Starlight Events and Peter Hilcke we’re very happy with the outcome of the night.

Great Chef Dinner – Angliss Restaurant

On Thursday 1st of July at 6:00pm, the PINNACLE Events team hosted the Great Chef Dinner in the Angliss Restaurant. The team was responsible for organising this fabulous events, Tara as Administrator, Will as Beverage, Chiara as Front of house and Clem as our stylist. All from stage 1 Diploma of Event Management.

The theme of the event was “Nature Infusion” . This was inspired by our guest chefs Ben Pollard restaurant Supernormal menu. This was achieved my using flowers, candles, cream jugs, green table runners paired with a hessian table runner.

Overall, the PINNACLE events team and our client Jason were extremely happy and impressed with the outcome of the event styling and set up.

Staff Activities Committee High Tea

We are Stage 1 Diploma of Event Management studies, our team, Picture Perfect Events, consisting of Briony Rigg (Event Administrator), Meg Broadbent (Front of House), Shahar Schell (Beverage Coordinator) and Jess Hodge (Stylist), ran a high tea lunch for the William Angliss Staff Activities Committee. We were also lucky enough to have Chiara Iacopino (Front of House) and Will Wright (Beverage Coordinator) from another event team join us to run the event and they proved to be incredibly valuable team members. Our high tea event took place on the afternoon of Wednesday, 23rd of June, in the Angliss Bistro, with registrations opening at 2:45pm, and the event closing at 4pm. 

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Aviation dinner – Angliss Restaurant

We are currently studying the stage 1 Diploma of Events Management. On Monday the 28th of June 2021, the team from MACK Events with Kaja as Administrator, Adriana as Front of House, Caitlin as Beverage co-ordinator and Mikaela as the Stylist, had the opportunity of hosting and organising the End of Course Celebration Dinner for the Aviation student group in the William Angliss Restaurant.

The theme on the event was “In flight with William Angliss”. This was achieved through creating a runway using orange and black table runners, use of small planes on the tables, and creating clouds using cotton balls with fairy lights underneath. The client and guests were extremely happy with the styling.

We conducted our briefing with the ops class and teacher once finalising styling bump in to outline the event, what service we will be providing, the set menu for the night and delegating staff to both floor and bar sections.

Guests arrived in the foyer for registrations at 6:30PM and began flowing through the event space at 7PM.

A welcome address was conducted shortly after by the course coordinator, Steve with mains to follow. Dietaries were consulted and served first. For all other guests we did an alternate service of beef sirloin or grilled chermoula chicken.

A selected students then spoke about their experience during the course and thanked the teachers. Dessert was then served afterwards with tea and coffee. Dessert was a chocolate and raspberry parfait.

The service was done efficiently by the ops team who ensured all the correct cutlery and cups were on the tables and attendees were well looked after. The service of mains and dessert rolled out all on time as per the event running sheet which resulted in no customer complaints.

Our customised cocktail of an ‘Aperol Spritz’ and mocktail of a ‘Sweet Sunrise’ were very popular amongst our attendees. We operated a cash bar service and attendees really enjoyed the different cocktails and drinks we served throughout the night.

Overall, our team MACK Events and our client Steve were really happy with the outcome of the event.

tables event 1Beveragestable event

Functions Guest Speaker Series – Peter Jones

Welcome Poster
We are currently studying stage 1 of our Diploma of Events Management. On the 10th of November 2020, the Eventilicious team consisting of Rose James (Administrator), Lucy Richardson (Front of House), Bree Armstrong (Beverage) and Angy Andhika (Stylist) had the opportunity to host Peter Jones as part of our Virtual Guest Speaker Series conducted via zoom. We had the honour of not only having Peter Jones and Ashlee Brazier present from Peter Jones Special Events, but also different members of the teaching faculty at William Angliss Institute, and the Stage 2 students of the Diploma of Events Management.

Peter Jones is the Managing Director of Peter Jones Special Events, who over the past 25 years+ has built a reputation of putting together unique and show stopping events, racking up over 35 Meetings and Events Industry Awards, including an induction into the Hall of Fame in two separate categories. And in 2018, he was awarded a “Member of the Order” (AM) in the 2018 Australia Day honours for his outstanding contribution to tourism, hospitality and the events sector.

Some of Peter Jones Special Events clients include Mazda, Seek, AFL, Qantas, and many more. Peter Jones Special Events continually generate creative and innovative concepts time and time again, and with over 1200 events under their belt, they have built themselves a reputation that is trustworthy, and well known.

Peter Jones presented an incredibly insightful presentation, including what it means to be a good leader, how to manage “upwards” and “downwards”, and the key elements which are more important now than ever – trust, communication, empathy and resilience. Peter Jones discussed the important of having a strategic vision, and how important it is to think out of the box when planning events. We then had the honour of going through 5 different events that Peter Jones has put on, how he won the clients over for those events, and what went on behind the scenes to actually make those events happen.

Peter Jones then took the time to answer any questions that attendees might have, with the help of Ashlee Brazier, providing students with some excellent insight on how to be successful both during and after our studies.

The event ran smoothly overall, and all attendees left having learned information that they  will carry with with them for the rest of their careers. Our team worked incredibly well together to plan a successful virtual event. Our fellow classmates gave positive feedback on our food and beverage options for the morning tea which included a range of sweet and savoury options, with beverage options such as tea, coffee, juice and water.

Peter JonesAttendees

Functions Guest Speaker Series – Sharlene Gunatilake

Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 11.10.47 am (1)We are currently studying the stage 1 Diploma of Events Management. On the 27th October 2020, the team from Elite Events consisting of Rhonda (Administrator), Caitlin (Front of House), Saman (Food and Beverage), Emily (Stylist) and Keir (Protocols), had an opportunity of hosting Sharlene Gunatilake as part of the virtual Guest Speaker Series conducted via Zoom.

Sharlene is an ex-student of William Angliss Institute and now has over 12 years’ experience within the Events Industry. 

Sharlene first started her career in Events as an Events Coordinator for Right Angle Management where she worked on events such as the Moomba Parade and Melbourne’s New Year’s Eve celebrations. 

From there she moved to the UK working with Variety, Children’s Charity who raised funds for the sick, disabled and disadvantaged children across the UK, before moving back to Australia to work in the STEM and Health Care sectors as an Events Coordinator and Events Manager, which she is very passionate about.

Today she is leading the Event’s Department at the Australasian Institute of Digital Health, as the Conference and Events Director. The Institute is Australasia’s peak body for digital health both nationally and globally.

Sharlene presented a really insightful presentation with her history after being a student, her journey through the events world leading to where she is now is definitely incredible. All the students were really impressed and amazed what we can do after the course, it gave us all hope especially during these times when the events industry is quiet from the pandemic.

Sharlene also took the time to go through everyone’s questions and clearly explained everything also providing the advice so that Students can understand and realise what they can achieve after the course.

Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 11.10.14 am